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Practical Application of Tidal Seedbed Irrigation
Nov 25, 2019

1. Seed cultivation

Tidal irrigation is an ideal method of cultivation seedling irrigation. Compared with top spray or manual irrigation, the bottom irrigation substrate is more evenly infiltrated, the proportion of soil harden on substrate surface is greatly reduced, and seed germination and emergence rate is significantly lower than top spray irrigation. Therefore, tidal irrigation can be applied to seed and seedlings, especially It is a small seed cultivation seedling.


2. Seed tray cultivation

Factory seed tray cultivation seedlings are replacing traditional cultivation seedlings and become an emerging industry that promotes the modernization of vegetable production. Unlike the common cultivation seedlings, seed tray substrate volume is small, and the seedling growth is prone to water shortage and nutrient deficiency.  At the same time, the development of seed tray cultivation seedlings is inseparable from mechanized cultivation and transplanting. Therefore, seedling growth uniformity is more important in the seed tray cultivation seedlings. Tidal irrigation ensures irrigation uniformity, make seedlings grow more neat.


3. Flower cultivation

Under tidal irrigation conditions, flower growth period is short, the growth state is uniform, quality rate is high, and the appreciation effect is good. Production practices and research have proven that general varieties such as anthurium, and phalaenopsis are suitable for this type of irrigation.


4. Green leafy vegetables production

Green leafy vegetables are fast-growing vegetables that are mainly made of fresh green leaves, petioles and tender stems. Due to short growth period, flexible harvesting, extensive cultivation and many varieties, it is deeply loved by consumers. Compared with green leafy vegetables and fruit vegetables, the growth rate is fast and the plant height is low, which is suitable for higher planting density. Tidal irrigation is more suitable for this fast-growing green leafy vegetable.


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