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Precautions for Covering Plastic Film
Nov 11, 2019

Plastic mulch film can protect crops and improve the survival rate of crops. It can keep the ground temperature and improve the fertilization effect. It is a way for many crops to winter for crops.

Precautions for Covering Plastic Film

一. Plastic mulch film placement time

Because of different plant varieties, the placement time of mulch film is different. If you follow the good crops grown in other plastic mulch films, it will be counterproductive. Also, choose mulch film placement time according to the weather and soil. So when you are going to place the plastic mulch film, be sure to look for information about crops and soil to see if it is suitable for the plastic mulch film.

plastic film

二. Mulch film needs ventilation holes

Only covers plastic film and there is no venting holes, which will cause the crop to die without air. So we need ventilation holes for breathable when plastic film covers the crops. Because of different crops and soils, it has different ways of venting. Therefore, when covering the mulch film, it is necessary to understand the relevant information and to right use the mulch film to grow crops.

mulch film

三. Keep the distance between plastic film and plant

If you want the mulch film to play its role, the distance between the mulch film and plant must be controlled at an appropriate distance. Because the mulch film role is to keep the crop seedlings warm and moisturized. If the distance is too close, the plant root temperature will be large different from the temperature outside the mulch film. If the distance is far enough, the moisturizing effect of mulch film will not be achieved.

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