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Precautions when using plastic pallet with forklift
Jan 12, 2018

Precautions when using plastic pallet with forklift


Double-sided grid plastic pallet, the plastic pallet of the anti-front, the same, are grid-like, both sides can be used, so called double-sided grid plastic pallet (Figure). Double-sided grid plastic pallet usually used in many food and chemical plants, chemical plants, fertilizer manufacturing, cold storage, and many other industries, due to the lower grid pallet double-sided pallet to the cattle can not be used in the selection of double-sided grid pallet Should pay attention.


1, The forklift in the process of using the tray, the distance between the tines should be relaxed to the pallet into the outer edge of the fork, fork depth should be greater than the entire pallet depth of 2/3 or more.

2, The use of forklifts in the process of pallet movement, should maintain uniform speed advance and retreat and up and down, to avoid sudden braking, sharp pallet damage caused, resulting the goods collapsed.

3, The pallet rack, the pallet should be kept on the shelf smooth placed on the pallet length should be greater than the shelf beam diameter 50mm above.

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