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Professional Garden Seedling Containers Suppliers
Aug 27, 2021

Professional Garden Seedling Containers Suppliers

YUBO offers all the seed-starting and propagation supplies you need to grow your own professional-quality seedlings with efficiency. Growing your own transplants from seed provides greater control over the growing season, from start to finish, by allowing you to choose your favorite varieties, select specific planting and transplanting dates, and produce the quantities of plants you need.

Plastic Flower Pot

Plants are more than just decoration. They make our lives brighter simply by being in a room with us, whether clustered on window sills, congregated in corners or suspended from ceilings in hanging baskets. Their presence is therapeutic and adds color and texture to otherwise lifeless indoor spaces. YUBO offers various sizes garden pots.

Air Root Pot

If you are looking for the strongest root system, Yubo recommends use Air Root Pot. The unique cone design of the container surface grows an extremely healthy root mass.We can make any size you need. It's a custom product.

air pot

Plant Growing Tray

Seed plants grow tray provides independent growth space, which good to growth and transplantation. With these seed germination tray, you can finally start working towards your dream garden!

Seed Starting Kit

Seedlings are weak, they need a suitable space to improve their absorption of water and nutrients. YUBO seed starter kits can help to improve seed germination rate and survival rate, so it is a must have for everyone who likes gardening. We can help you save daily frustration and money.

seed tray

Grafting Clip

Grafting varieties with desirable fruiting qualities to more vigorous, disease-resistant rootstocks is a cost-effective method for growers to overcome many disease and production-related issues. Grafting can improve overall crop health and vigor, reduce or eliminate the need for pesticide application, lengthen harvest duration, and significantly increase net income. We offer the essential grafting supplies, including plastic spring grafting clips, tomato clips, plant support clips, silicone grafting clips, orchid clips, etc.

graft clip

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