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Professional manufacturer of aluminum slats
Aug 20, 2021

Professional manufacturer of aluminum slats

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aluminum slat

We have more than 12 years of experience in supplying both domestic and international market with a large range of interior and external aluminum slat material for Venetian Blinds. A wide range of up-to-date colours, materials and designs, Innovative products, the highest standards of workmanship, high levels of operating convenience and reliable technology are the key ingredients that make our products irresistible to our specialist customers and consumers alike. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of blind types and components and provide wholesale and made to measure solutions.



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We take pride in having a huge range of different products, backed up with comprehensive stock holdings to ensure fast turnaround times.

Our experienced staff offer a personalised and highly professional service which ensures that you're always looked after by one of our consultants for all of your window treatment needs.X Aluminium Slat 1 (2)

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