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Re-pot plant step
Nov 21, 2016

Re-pot the flowerpot size appropriate

Re-pot according to the size of the flower root to choose pots, 

flower pot diameter than the root diameter of 3 to 6 cm is more 

appropriate. But also according to the size of the crown to 

choose flower pots, flower crown diameter than the flower pot 20 

to 40 cm more appropriate. Some people like to use large pots of

flowers, that flowers planted into a large basin, you can let 

it grow freely, but also to avoid the trouble of replace. In fact 

this is very detrimental to the growth of flowers. Small need to 

spend less water, and pots of soil and more often difficult to 

grasp the amount of water and fertilizer, but affected the normal 

growth of flowers.


New flowerpot to dry , old flowerpot sterilization

Re-pot the use of new pots, flowers should be placed in the water 

before soaking in a day and night, scrub, dry and then used to go 

its dry nature. Replacement of the basin is the old pot, the sun 

should be placed on sterilization, re-use before and after the old

basin scrub clean, remove possible eggs, if necessary, should also

spray disinfectant. In the flowerpot, the tile basin is better, 

the price is cheap, the air permeability is good; The purple sand 

basin produces is exquisite, but the permeability is inferior to 

the basin; The porcelain basin is badly ventilated; The plastic 

basin is light, but the drainage venting performance is bad.

Re-pot step

Before re-pot, it takes a few days do not give water to flowers 

and pots, so basin soil and wall from the basin. Before entering 

the new pot, you need to cut some coiled roots and roots for the 

flowers and trees, but also cut too long roots and injured roots, 

if the damage to the root too much, need to cut off some leaves. 

Watering flowers and trees should not just change flowerpot.



Careful maintenance and small amount of fertilizer

General flowers and trees in the transplant period if the change 

basin, as long as the general method of conservation can survive. 

Re-pot flower, the poured a permeable, so that basin soil suction

enough water, not too much watering number, must be so dry and 

then basin watering. Usually the best daily foliar spray. Just 

change the basin of the potted plants should be placed in the 

shade, not in the sun exposure, can not be placed on the tuyere at

the blow, so as not to hurt the flowers. Just for the pots of 

flowers can not be fertilized, because the plant after transplanting 

roots can not immediately absorb the fertilizer. To wait for the 

new pots in the growth of new leaves or germination of new roots, 

and then thin fertilize the principles of fertilization.

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