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Rice grow tray cultivation techniques advantages
Nov 28, 2016

     Rice grow tray cultivation techniques advantages

Rice grow tray to seedling is a major reform of rice production, it is a sign of agricultural scientific and technological progress.



1. High seedling rate, good seedling quality, all roots, the spike rate, to lay the foundation for high quality and high yield of rice.


2. Transplanting is conducive to the characteristics of early-onset fast, pull seedlings can improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity: can shorten the transplanting time. According to the survey, because the nursery tray in the pull seedlings do not hurt the roots, keep on with, and insert the field, the relieve seed fast, fast green, fast growth and robust than conventional turn green early 4-5 days.



3. Seedling tray small footprint, low cost.



4. Province workers, labor-saving, water-saving, provincial, provincial fertilizer, provincial medicine, the provincial seedlings. Significant economic benefits.


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