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Root Control Container for Plants
Dec 13, 2019

Air root container is a recyclable, reusable growing system that will immediately enhance the quality of the root system of all plants.


The rapid rooting control container is a new rapid seedling raising technique to regulate root growth. It can make the lateral root thick and short, and can not form entangled root, which overcomes the defects of root wrapping caused by conventional container. Unique design stimulates robust root zone development for healthier plants, faster growth, and bigger yields.

air pot

Root control container for plants is conducive to root growth, but also conducive to the absorption of water and fertilizer. Watering must be small water slowly poured until the water from the bottom of the control device naturally exudes, be considered pouring.


Suitable for agricultural planting like breeding of flowers, vegetable, melon and fruit. Plastic air root pots are ideal for gardens, nurseries, and greenhouses.

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