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Seed Tray Planting Precautions
Apr 15, 2019

Seed tray have many advantages, such as seedling neat, seedling strong , developed roots and easy transplanting, etc.


Seed tray planting precautions


The seeding substrate used for seed tray should be non-toxic and no insect, with good ventilation and drainage, stable PH value, and can not fertilize in substrate, only retained originally contained nutrients in the substrate.

2.Watering fertilizing

Watering should be carried out with clear water, avoid fertilizing water or sewage, when seedlings grow out of the true leaves, can apply with a small concentration of fertilizer. However, it is better to use the root external spray fertilizer, spraying 0.1-0.2% urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can reach the nutrients needed for seedlings.


Small seeds sowing are usually not covered with soil or mixed with soil, and the larger seeds soil thickness is about twice the size of the seed. After sowing, plants that like sunlight only need to pay attention to moisturizing, plants that don't like sunlight can cover the seed tray with a layer of newspaper to achieve the effect of shading.


Different seeds have different germination suitable temperatures, but in general most seedlings prefer a temperature of 20-25 °C.


Pay attention to the sunlight demand from the seeds when planting. Seeds that like sunlight, such as daisy, cactus, canna, carnation, cineraria, African Impatiens, eustoma, Petunia, Pine Leaf Peony, Violet, etc. Seeds that don't like sunlight, such as Zinnia, Tomato, Morning Glory, Mimosa, peacock grass, marigold, gerbera, purple jasmine, geranium, leaf peony (Kale), cockscomb, calendula, etc. Of course, some are neutral flowers, which are less sensitive to sunlight.

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