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Seed Trays - Seed Starting & Propagation Trays
Nov 04, 2016

                                       Seed Trays - Seed Starting & Propagation Trays

Pepper, small tomatoes, eggplant selected 72 holes, seed traysize 54 × 28cm, each hole top diameter 3.8cm, bottom diameter2.0cm, hole depth of 4.6cm.


Melon, melon, melon: Select 50 holes, seed tray size 54 × 28cm, each hole on the top diameter of 5 cm, bottom diameter 2.2 cm, hole depth of 5 cm.


In addition, the used plugs may be infected with some residual pathogens, eggs, so be sure to carry out cleaning, disinfection. Method is to remove the residual matrix in the plate, rinse with water, dry, and 500 times carbendazim immersion 12 hours or 1000 times with potassium permanganate immersion 30 minutes disinfection, but also with formaldehyde solution, bleach solution For disinfection. Sterile plugs should be thoroughly washed with water before use to dry.


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