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Seedling Production in Trays
Oct 26, 2016

     Seedling Production in Trays

1.Seed tray selection and disinfection: seed tray the most of the 

 external size of 54 × 28cm, usually dimensions of 72 holes and 

 128 holes ,the plate will be diluted into 100 times the bleach 

 solution (1 kg of bleaching powder plus 99 kg Water preparation),

 soak 8 to 10 hours, remove the dry standby.


        2.Matrix preparation: the current plug seedling tray common matrix 

 material for the peat, vermiculite, perlite, etc., more use of 

 peat: vermiculite: perlite = 2: 1: 1, should be added to the 

 matrix of inorganic fertilizer And organic fertilizer, the 

 general per cubic meter of matrix added 2.6 ~ 3.1 kg NPK compound

 fertilizer 15:15:15 and 10 ~ 15 kg of chicken manure and other 

 organic fertilizer. The pH of the matrix was 5.8 to 7.0. Peat 

 from the semi-decomposition of marsh vegetation, PH 3.8 ~ 4.5, 

 fine texture, poor ventilation, often mixed with vermiculite or 

 perlite. Matrix sterilization.


3.Plate in the seed tray: the first should be prepared with a good

 matrix installed in the disk, the disk should be careful not to 

 press hard, because the compacted, the physical properties of the

 matrix by the broken ring, so that the substrate air content And 

 the amount of water can be absorbed by the reduction of the correct

 method is to use scraper from the hole to scratch the other side

 of the hole, so that each plug is filled with matrix, especially 

 the four corners and the edge of the hole, must be the same hole 

 with the middle , The matrix can’t be filled too full, after the

 full cell room should be able to clearly visible.


4.Pressure points: a good disk to be pressure points, in order to 

 facilitate the seed into which can be produced by the pressure of 

 the pressure hole, you can also put the matrix of the vertical 

 plate with the matrix together, 4 to 5 a put down, the top Put an 

 empty plate, hands flat on the plate evenly to the required depth 

 until the pressure.


5.Sowing: the seed point in the pressure of the hole in the plate, 

 each hole one, to avoid missing sowing, low germination rate of 

 seed sowing 2 per hole.


6.Seedling plate into the bed: the seedling has been planted in the

 seedbed in the bed, in a timely manner with water dripping 

 seedlings, watering spray to light and uniform, to prevent the 

 holes within the matrix and seeds out, and then in the Seedbed 

 covered with a layer of plastic film to prevent water loss in the

 tray. In the mulching, it is necessary to place some small bamboo

 strips on the seedling tray, leaving gaps between the film and 

 the seedling tray without sticking. Can also be installed in the 

 matrix plate before planting the dish immersed in the sink, the 

 water slowly from the bottom of the plug tray to infiltration, 

 water more uniform, and then into the seedbed.


7.Management the seed. Seedlings fill gaps: after emergence to 

 timely cover the bed cover removed, to prevent the film too 

 late to form a "tall seedlings." Cotyledon should be immediately 

 after the commencement of thinning and transplanting seedlings, 

 the single hole will be inserted into the vacant seedlings of 

 excess vacuoles, while the hole to remove the excess seedlings, 

 seedling transplant is good, immediately sprayed with water on 

 the seedbed. Water management: the plug matrix seedling capacity 

 of the matrix is small, large porosity, can absorb less moisture,

 seedling tray water supply buffer is small, a little negligent, 

 prone to water loss phenomenon, summer and hot season in the 

 morning and In the evening when the climate is cool and timely 

 spray of water.


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