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Selection of Plastic Film in Winter
Nov 07, 2016

  Selection of Plastic Film in Winter   


  Winter farmers are covered with plastic mulch film, and some use white plastic mulch film, and some with black plastic mulch film. In the end use of the kind of plastic mulch film is good?


  The main winter is to mention the temperature, heat preservation, dark plastic mulch film as a good heat preservation. Choose black plastic mulch film, mainly afraid of long weeds in the shed, and transparent film does not have weeding function. But the temperature is so low in winter, under the film rarely long grass, even if the long grass is not long, there is no need for this shop and black plastic film.


  Two kinds of plastic film on the film under the ground temperature is different, under normal circumstances, the use of clear plastic film to a higher temperature. Clear plastic mulch film transmittance is high, usually 80% -93.8%, light is converted into heat in the soil, mulch film can still be effective after raising the ground temperature, vegetable Huanmiao fast. The black plastic film opaque, light on the film into heat, mainly up the proliferation of plastic film after the heat conduction is poor, the ground temperature is relatively low. The test, in the eggplant vegetables, with a clear plastic mulch film than the black plastic film market as early as 5-6 days, pre-production can be increased by about 30%.


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