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Selection Of Plugs
Apr 25, 2017

                     Selection Of Plugs

The smaller the plug, the more sensitive the change of the humidity, nutrient, oxygen, pH and EC value in the soil. The deeper the hole, the more the air in the matrix, it is conducive to ventilation, leaching salt and breathable, is conducive to the growth of roots. The matrix should have at least 5mm depth will have the role of gravity, so that the water in the matrix, the air into the hole deeper, the more oxygen. The shape of the hole is quadrilateral inverted trapezoidal, which is conducive to guide the root to extend down, rather than as a circular or side vertical hole in the hole as in the inner wall. The deeper holes provide more favorable conditions for matrix drainage and ventilation. Some of the plugs are also ventilated between the holes, so that the air can flow between the plants. So that the leaves dry, reduce the disease, dry uniform, to ensure that the whole plant grows evenly. The color of the plug also affects the temperature of the root of the plant. General winter and spring selection of black plug plate, because you can absorb more solar energy, so that the root temperature increases. While the summer or early autumn, it is necessary to change the silver-gray plug plate to reflect more light, to avoid the root temperature is too high. And the white plug plate generally higher transmittance, will affect the root growth, so rarely choose white plug plate. Of course the white bubble plug can be an exception. After thorough cleaning and disinfection of the plug, can also be reused, it is recommended to use a more safe quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant, can also be used for irrigation system sterilization algae, to avoid the bacteria and moss breeding. Disinfecting with bleach or chlorine is not recommended because chlorine reacts with the plastic in the plug to produce toxic substances.

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