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Shuttle Trays for Carrying Flower Pot
Oct 14, 2019

Shuttle trays are rigid black plastic carriers designed to hold plant pots firmly in place, making it easy to move your plants around for maintenance and planting out etc.


Our pot carrying tray has dark inner layer, prevents light from harming delicate roots. Drainage hole below each pot space makes these trays ideal for placing on water matting or capillary matting, helping to prevent water logged plants.

Shuttle Tray 1

The unique design makes it impossible for soil to fall between the growing pots. Multi-compartment plant trays facilitate fast display breakdown and setup, as well as attractive spacing of large-canopied crops.


When outdoors, a boldly colored exterior adapts easily to both printing (round pots only) and labeling for that extra edge that can create fly-off-the-shelf sales appeal.

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