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Single-sided and double-sided selection of plastic pallets
Jun 09, 2017

Single-sided and double-sided selection of plastic pallets

The use of single-sided plastic pallets or double-sided plastic pallets, should be based on the corresponding storage, handling equipment and status (such as library type, shelf type, stacking code or placement status) and so on to determine.

For the small footprint of the automatic stereo library or high shelf, to stacker or electric forklift vertical handling mainly occasions, double-sided heavy-duty series pallet and single standard series of pallets can be selected.

For a large area and the level of transport-oriented occasions, if the use of manual hydraulic truck handling is suitable for the use of single-sided pallet; If you need to heap code goods, that is, the bottom of the pallet and the above goods are coincident, then use double-sided pallet or field-shaped single-sided pallet; If you can carry the vehicle with its own mobile pallet handling, then there is no nine-foot single pallet with a connecting bar at the bottom.

YBPP-009 Single faced 4 way plastic pallet.jpg

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