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Solid Pallet Container Feature
Feb 24, 2018

Solid Pallet Container Feature 

External dimensions: 1200 * 1000 * 760mm

Internal dimensions: 1110 * 910 * 600mm

Tray pallet, also known as box pallet , pallet container, 100% high strength modified PP or PE production, oil, acid, alkali, widely used in automobiles, medicine, fruits and vegetables, commercial distribution and warehousing, Can be directly used forklift handling, to achieve a rational circulation, improve work efficiency, ease of management.


1, one injection molding;

2, using impact-resistant material production;

3, can store large quantities of goods and large size;

4, you can use the forklift to move, surrounded by fork can be mechanized handling, improve work efficiency, ease of unified management;

5, a closed and cell products for selection;

6, the closed product can store liquid and powder goods, you can install the faucet and casters, easy to move and clean, with a lid, so that there is a good role in dust and moisture; mesh products can store solids;

7, can be stacked with each other, effectively improve the efficiency of the warehouse;

8, screen printing permanent company logo, easy to manage, while improving customer visibility;

9, long service life, significantly reduce the customer's business costs.

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