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Stack & Nest Containers features and advantages
Jun 23, 2017

Stack & Nest Containers features and advantages

Stack & Nest Containers is also known as dislocation basket, stackable plastic box, pluggable turnover box, overlapping turnover box, sets of boxes, sets of turnover box, stacking logistics box.

Misplaced box, clever use of the box on both sides of the concave and convex design, box filled with goods, the convex position on the convex position, you can stack and not squeeze damaged goods, when the box is empty, the concave on the concave , The box sets up, at least save 2/3 of storage space.

Stack & Nest Containers reasonable design, excellent quality, suitable for the logistics of the factory transport, distribution, storage, circulation processing and other sectors. Stack & Nest Containers with a variety of objects

Flow containers and the station with, for all types of warehouses, production sites and other occasions, greatly save the box when the storage space.

In the logistics management more and more attention by the majority of enterprises today, the wrong box can be very good to help complete the logistics container of the general, integrated management, production and distribution companies are essential for modern logistics management.

Stack & Nest Containers with environmental protection, moisture, water, anti-can not, shock, anti-friction, anti-extrusion, rich colors and other characteristics, with exquisite printing in the product play an effective protection at the same time greatly improve product quality.


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