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Stackable Plastic Turnover Box
Feb 25, 2020

Compared with all other product series on market, our plastic turnover boxes are high quality and best price-performance ratio, which can save a lot of costs.

Durable plastic containers with attached lids, ideal for the safe storage and straightforward handling of carried goods. It is made of high-quality polypropylene for durability. Smooth sides and base for automated conveyors. Ergonomic handle for effective manual handling.


With open lids, the containers can be stacked into one another to save space and shipping costs. Nestable with lids open, stackable with lids closed. It is used for industrial and commercial environments for secure stacking, hygienic storage and effective content protection.


1. Available in various colors, sizes and capacities

2. Stackable (with lids closed) and nestable (with lids open)

3. Smooth, sealed surfaces prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt

4. Used in hygienic areas, clean rooms and commercial catering facilities

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