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Stacking container features
Mar 20, 2018

Stacking container features

Selection methods: 1, without cover 2, hinged flap 3, integrated flat cover

The stacked logistics box series adopts the European standard and is produced from 100% high-strength modified PP or PE. It is resistant to oil, acid and alkali. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, medicine, household appliances, commercial circulation, distribution and warehousing, and can be used in 1200. * 800, 1200 * 1000 standard tray with the cooperation, can realize the mechanized transport, is the modern logistics generalization, integrated management of the necessary products. 

1. There is a new type of barrier-free handle in the box, which conforms to the principle of ergonomics and facilitates the operator to grab the box more effectively and safely, making the handling more comfortable and convenient.

2, smooth inner surface and rounded design, both increase the strength and ease of cleaning.

3, the box is designed on all sides of the card slot, according to the need to install a removable plastic card holder, easy product classification and selection.

4, the bottom of the design has a dense small square grid reinforcement, can be smoothly run on the fluent rack or raceway assembly line.

5. The coordinating and positioning design of the bottom and the box mouth make the stacking of each other stable, not easy to fall over, and reduce the loss of goods.

6. There are special strong ribs on four sides to improve the carrying capacity of the box and the stability during stacking.

7. Can be fitted with concave or inverted plastic cover or flat cover to effectively reduce the entry of flying dust and other impurities to ensure the cleanness of the goods.

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