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Standardized nursery Use seed tray to plant watermelon
Feb 20, 2017

Standardized nursery Use seed tray to plant watermelon

Watermelon nursery generally use 50 hole plug tray, nursery age 25-30 days, plug tray specifications are 540mm * 280mm * 51mm, YB-50H.

50h seedling tray , plug tray

In advance to prepare the seedbed, soak seeds, seedling buds 0.5 cm long sowing, 

1. Plug seeding time comparable to nutrition bowl nursery late 5 days.

2. After the substrate is loaded with water.

3. Pick the same length of the watermelon seeds into the plug hole is the middle of each grain, planting depth of 1-32.5px.

4. Seed placed in a timely manner cover a layer of film, in order to 

    facilitate moisture insulation.

Transplanted seedlings one day before the appropriate watering, matrix 

seedlings root system developed, can be compiled into a tight stem 

system, can be attached to the substrate together, is conducive to 

survival rate.

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