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Sturdy Fruit Vegetable Packing Crates for Farmer
Apr 30, 2020

Our plastic fruit crates are designed to match the exact requirements of customers. Whether you have a business dealing in pineapples, mangoes, apples or bananas; plastic fruit crates offer a perfect solution.


All plastic fruit crates are molded from 100% high quality HDPE material. With a sturdy design, fine finish and high strength. Plastic crates are designed to meet the exact preference of all our customers in the industry.

Fruit Vegetable  Crate

Smooth interior wall prevents vegetable damage. Plastic vegetable crates guarantee a high level of hygiene. So, your food products will not get contaminated during transportation of storage.

Plastic fruit packing crate has good ventilation. This allows fresh air to circulate within the fruits. Therefore, all your perishable apples, oranges, grapes or mangoes will remain fresh during transportation and storage.

Crates for Farmer

You can use our plastic vegetable crates to transport or store tomatoes, onions, carrots, kales, spinach, etc. No need to worry about these perishable goods getting spoiled during transportation or storage when you have strong and durable plastic vegetable crates.

Packing Crates

The strong design, extended durability and other robust features make plastic fruit crates a perfect choice for most industries, warehouses and retail stores. Whether you are a small or large scale farmer/business, we have different plastic vegetable crate capacities. You can choose a 30, 48 or 65 litre plastic vegetable crate.


In short, YUBO offers a one-stop-shop for all your plastic vegetable crates. For inquiries, contact our technical/support team.

Fruit Vegetable Packing Crates

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