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Technological process of grid plastic pallet
Nov 02, 2017

Technological process of grid plastic pallet:


1.The plastic pallet of the whole grid, most of the grid plastic pallet can realize the process of one piece design .


2. The welding type, namely the plastic pallet divided by the two pieces separately injection molding, after using the way of hot melt into one, this kind of product process procedure is more. It is mainly used in the production of flat plastic pallet.


3. Splicing type, the difference between this kind of product type and welding is not adopted by the hot melt when product together, and on the two products are reserved card slot or reserved hole on plate, convenient for the two boards together with accessories.


4. Grid belongs to one-piece design plastic pallet, commonly used in libraries, logistics or packaging for products are exported to more extensive, most grid plastic pallet used in handling equipment can be all around into the function of the fork.


5. The grid plastic pallet can be stacked and used on the shelves.


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