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The 5 Feature Of Plastic Seedling Tray
Jul 12, 2019

Plastic seed tray made from high quality PS material in a thickness that resists wear, while remaining economical,flexible and durable, it can be reuse 8 to 10 times. Our propagation trays will last you years to come, saving you money and the environment.


Compatible with humidity dome and flat tray to form mini greenhouse, these cell trays will help seeds and cuttings thrive in their early growing stages, ready for re-planting into pots, tubs or the garden.

Select flats with or without holes.


1. Precision punched holes guarantee optimal drainage and air pruning performance.


2. The cell walls are formed with “root ribs” to help promote downward root growth.


3. Seedling tray available with stacking notches for quick and easy denesting.


4. Bottom drain holes for plant root air circulation and drainage.


5. Suitable for most automatic seeders and transplanters.

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