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The advantage about injection flower pot
Aug 28, 2017

 The advantage about injection flower pot

1.Injection Curling molding edge, can make for diameter 11-20cm.

2.Using high quality pp material, good durability and flexibility, no broken edge, not crack, not nicked, convenient in transportation.

3.The standard color is Terra-Cotta, and can make different colors.

4.Reticular chassis for water penetration, ventilation, internal deep color to prevent from direct sunlight, is conducive to the growth of root.

5.Rims are molded into pots top for easier movement and stacking

6.The integrated rim allows for convenient handling of large plants that can save the time and labor.

7.The surface is smooth, convenient to clean and label application.

8.The plastic is thicker and stronger, can reused season after season.

9.Beautiful appearance, suitable for meat, green planting.

Cheap PP Material Diameter 11-20cm Curling Injection Flower Pot  (6).jpg

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