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The advantages of folding turnover box
Sep 03, 2018

The advantages of folding turnover box 

       1. Provincial warehousing. The empty box is folded down to reduce the volume by 3/4, the storage area is compressed, and the factory building is more spacious, making the warehouse more flexible and adaptable.

       2.  Provincial logistics. Folding the tote to enable the container parts to be transported to the customer's place, the empty box is folded for easy return and the transportation cost can be reduced.

       3.  Security design. The new PP material, food-grade plastic material, can store food and medicine with confidence; the box has no angular design around it, whether it is dynamic handling of workers or static storage of warehouses, avoiding injuries and protecting workers;

      4. Quality service. Ordering more than 500 can provide value-added services such as printed corporate LOGO and silk screen logo.

       5. easy to use. Convenient use. One shot, two movements are quickly unfolded; one shot and one action are quickly folded,


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