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The advantages of plastic containers used in the food industry
Dec 27, 2017

The advantages of plastic containers used in the food industry

As environmental issues become increasingly important and resources and energy sources become more and more tense, the container will usher in new opportunities as well as severe challenges. In order to meet the requirements of the new era, plastic containers can meet the market's packaging quality and efficiency In addition, the plastic rotary basket is further oriented toward high performance, versatility and environmental adaptability, adopting new types of raw materials, new processes, new equipment and widening the application fields in a bid to save energy and save resources. development of.

At present, different food production industries have commonly used plastic turnover boxes of specific specifications, such as cold meat production and processing industries. The general size is 605 * 400 * 200mm, which is also called meat food Box, loaded with goods can be stacked up a box of boxes, do not idle when nested up, save space. Into the electrostatic field, will have a mechanical effect, discharge effect and electrostatic induction effect.

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