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The advantages of the nine-foot plastic pallet
Sep 25, 2017

The advantages of the nine-foot plastic pallet



   Analysis of the advantages of the nine-foot plastic pallet mainly to see their own weight and structure; from the structure, it can be manually hydraulic car and surrounded by all can enter the fork; as the 3 runners type and the type of plastic pallet at the bottom of the beam, pallet only mechanical forklift from the side into the fork, manual forklift because the wheels can not be from the side into the fork, especially the field of four sides can not use manual hydraulic vehicles to operate; we design field type, 3 runners type , double plastic pallet Mainly based on the design of the shelves, so we buy plastic pallet when we first have to consider what type of forklift, or buy an inappropriate plastic pallet, the replacement cost will be great Oh.


    From the weight, the weight of the nine-foot plastic pallet relative to the field type, 3 runners type, double-sided, to light some, because the bottom is nine piers, so a significant savings in the bottom of the pallet material; we all understand the plastic The price of the pallet is mainly based on how much material is used, and the higher the weight of the pallet, the higher the cost (in the case of the same pure raw material). So it is cheaper because of the weight of light, by the buyer's welcome.

    There are nine-foot plastic pallet can be stacked stacking, idle when you can save a lot of space. But no matter how good the product is there are advantages and disadvantages, because the relative structure of a good light weight Tianjin plastic pallet, so its quality in general, the load is relatively small. I hope you buy the time must be based on their own use of the factory environment and what products to choose their own suitable plastic pallet.


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