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The application of plastic pallet in various industries
Apr 26, 2017

The application of plastic pallet in various industries

The scope of the application of plastic pallets is very wide, in the beverage industry, export industry, pharmaceutical industry, Chemical industry, electronics industry, beer industry, cigarette industry, flour industry and other industries have plastic pallets. Below, for everyone to introduce the plastic pallet in the application of the industry:

Logistics industry: Plastic Pallets in the logistics industry, the use of more frequent occurrence of the transport tools, selection, the main consideration of the use of forklift trucks;

Beverage industry: Beverage industry to the pallet load and health care more attention, therefore, the beverage industry chooses flat-sided double welded pallet, plastic pallet size according to the size of the choice of goods;

Beer industry: The beer industry usually selects the mesh once the molding pallet, the plastic pallet size generally selects 1100x1100mm;

The requirements of the chemical industry on pallets are mainly bearing capacity, so choose the best bearing capacity of plastic pallets;

Export industry: Because of wooden pallets in export, must undergo heating and smoke treatment and other conditions, the environment also has adverse effects. All choose plastic pallet as the loading tool for exporting goods;

Flour industry: Large  flour mill will choose to use double-sided grid, plastic pallet size is also selected according to demand.


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