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The benefits of plastic pallets
Aug 10, 2017

The benefits of plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are one of the most widely used pallets currently available, and we also see a pallets that is often seen in the logistics industry.

According to our many years of research found mainly because the plastic pallets compared to other pallets have the following benefits.

1. When the plastic pallets is safe, hygienic, pest control, and no repair;

2. Plastic pallets to solve the quality of wooden pallets;

3. Plastic pallets can be around the fork, the operation is very convenient;

4. The use of plastic pallets than the one-time purchase of wooden pallets to reduce the cost of 10-15%;

5. Plastic pallets in the warehouse can pile up each other, save a lot of space;

6. High-quality plastic pallets can improve the safety of the product when transport;

7. Plastic pallets with non-slip rubber, in the handling time will never fall;

8. Plastic pallets for truck transport, to facilitate the material of the assembly and unit of transport.

48 x 48 skid plastic pallet for racking system price (8).jpg

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