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The concept and function of the stack and nest container
Dec 14, 2017

The concept and function of the stack and nest container

1, concept

The stack and nest container is also known as a stack and nest crate, a collapsible plastic box, a pluggable turnover box, an overlapping turnover box, a folding box, a telescopic box, and a folding logistics box.


Dislocation box, clever use of concave and convex a design on both sides of the box, box full of goods, convex bits of convex bits, you can cascade without extrusion damage to the goods, when the box empty, the notches on the concave, nested up the case, at least two-thirds of the storage space can be saved.


2, function

The reasonable design of the  stack and nest container and the fine quality are applicable to the transportation, distribution, storage and circulation processing of the factory logistics. The dislocation box can be used in conjunction with a variety of material flow containers and workplace, which can be used in various kinds of storage, production site and other occasions, and greatly save the storage space when the box is empty.


In logistics management is the enterprise more and more attention today, dislocation cases can be very good to help complete logistics container generalization, integration management, is the production and circulation enterprises of modern logistics management essentials.

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