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The Experts Choice- Air Root Pot
Dec 11, 2020

The Experts Choice- Air Root Pot

1. Effectively eliminates root circling

2. More than 98% transplant survival rate

3. Seedling shortened 50% Increases yields

4. Root pruning produces healthier root structure

5. Plant side roots numbers increased by 20-30 times compared with regular plants

Air Root Pot Creative Use

Arbitrary Cutting & Splicing

Superoots air pruning pots can be made to any diameter in a variety heights to meet different needs

air pruning pot

Flexibility & Toughness

High-quality HDPE material, good impact resistance and high bending toughness. Life time more than 5 years

air root pot

Moveable Orchard Trees

The experts choice. Use U-shaped steel pipes to fix air pot sheets. Establishing our air root pot mini orchard

air pot

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