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The features about air root pot
Apr 13, 2018

The features about air root pot 

1. The diameter of pot without limit. Max height is 80cm. Standard diameter from 15cm to 60cm, can custom the size.

2..With 100% PE Recycled and environment-friendly materials, low temperature resistance and can be reused for 3-5 years.

3. 0.6mm, 0.8mm is standard thickness.Black standard color. OEM colors and thickness are  available.

4.One advantage of air root pot is the ability to continually “air prune” roots. Air pruning occurs when the root tip reaches a pocket of air, which causes the tip to desiccate and forces the root branch.

5.Mesh base can better for drainage.

6.Easy to install and remove.

7.There are 2 options of the side, all of them are punched, and the 2 line is not punched.

The 2 line is not punched in the upper side of the basin so that the water is not flowing out of the hole and is beneficial for the water to seep down into the root.

garden supply plastic 7 gallon air root growing container for tree root control.jpg

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