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The features about grafting clips
Jul 18, 2017

The features about grafting clips

1. A variety of colors are available, bright color can help you easily find them when you pick them up, saving work time.

2.Square opening is suitable for fine some grafting, round mouth for some coarse, and will not cause damage to plants.

3.Round mouth is suitable for coarse some grafting,apply to eggplant, watermelon and other flower。

4.Surface roughness is not smooth, and not easy to fall when used.

5.Casing, not only can keep the water around the interface, but also to prevent the invasion of pathogens, conducive to wound healing, can improve the graft survival rate, and will be grafted in the field after the natural weathering, shedding, without manual removal,not easy scattered when use。

6.A groove at the handle, which can maximize the anti slip off.

7.Apply to factory production of fruits and vegetables grafting,such as cucumber, watermelon, tomato, bitter gourd,eggplant.

8.Greatly improve the grafting efficiency of the workers, high survival rate of grafting. Can improve the yield and quality.

OEM Customized Color Transparent Silicon Grafting Clips (15).jpg

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