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The features about tomato hook
Aug 01, 2017

The features about tomato hook

1.The length is 95mm, and the color is standard color is white, can make different color.

2. 100% Recycled, environment friendly materials,Polypropylene construction is light weight, yet durable.

3.Truss Hook be used by tomato growers to support the trusses.

4.Essential items when the truss stems are shorter.

5.The new construction of the hooks ensure an optimal grip on the twine.

6. One of the fish hooks barbs has to be pulled behind the string while the hook side has to be placed behind the  first or second tomato in the truss.

7. Allow plants to grow vertically upward, Prevent branches broken or damage. It can improved the quality and size that can increased the output. Reduce labor intensity, improve efficiency and save the time.

tomato hook (1).jpg

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