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The features of plastic pallet
Jul 13, 2017

The features of plastic pallet

1. Four sides can be inserted, easy to operate;

2. It is suitable for stacking each other in the warehouse and suitable for use on all kinds of shelves.

3. Suitable for all types of truck transport, to facilitate the assembly of materials, modular transport;

4. Convenient forklift, hydraulic pallet truck and other handling tools;

5. With non-slip rubber, to ensure that the material in the handling and transportation process will not fall;

6. Long life, and can be re-use;

7. Plastic pallet using safe, hygienic, pest control, without repair.

By the impact of production mold (design complex, expensive), plastic pallet structure and the size of random and poor, the production enterprises must continue to develop, and gradually enrich its product categories. But for special size requirements, sometimes can not be met.

As the plastic pallet is basically a molding, the damage can be very low repair, damage to a certain extent, only scrapped, but the waste can be recycled.

Procurement of a one-time investment in large, generally 2-5 times the wooden pallet.

Plastic pallet are warehousing and transportation products widely used in warehousing and transportation.

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