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The fixation of the root canal container
May 27, 2017

The fixation of the root canal container

In the abandoned land breeding, the first leveling land, compaction pad, digging column. The column with steel crude 10cm, high 240cm, with the cement pit at the bottom of the column, plus pillar reinforcement, 200cm fixed to a cross arm, a cross, cross arm length is 300cm, the average 4 pull wire rope, 75cm interval, each of the two column to leave a one meter wide road production. Then, the planted container seedlings are classified into a single line under the steel wire, and the trunk is fixed on the wire rope by a special plastic buckle, so as to prevent the wind from scraping. The application of single placed brackets, shrubs and herbaceous plants such as cypress, cypress, Lanbing Gold Coast imperial cypress, juniper, Canna etc. can be placed directly on the concrete pavement or on the ground. The cultivated container seedlings are uniformly fitted with drip irrigation, reaching one container, one drop head.

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