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The Most Popular Flower Pots
Apr 17, 2019

The most important law for planting flowers is to cultivate the roots first, flower pot material also affects the soil cultivation environment, including soil temperature and breathability, so the knack to cultivate flowers roots is to choose the flower pot, flower pots of different materials can also play an aesthetic effect.4


1.Plastic flower pot:

Plastic flower pots are the most common type of flower pots. They are lightweight, rich in color and easy to use. Plastic flower pots are widely used in soilless cultivation, for planting rose, monstera and calla, etc.


2.Terracotta pot:

The terracotta flower pot made of clay burn and has beautiful appearance, generous and stable. It is a container with green plants.


53.Hanging flower pot:

Hang the flower pot or container with hemp rope, nylon rope, metal chain, etc. As home interior decoration, it has the special beauty of the "sky garden".


4.Wooden planting box:

The wooden planting box made of some anticorrosive wood and carbonized wood, generally square shape, suitable for parks, plazas, outdoor or balcony.

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