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The plastic pallet anti-skid pad effect
Aug 03, 2017

The plastic pallet anti-skid pad effect

      Plastic pallet plus anti-skid pad refers to the plastic pallet in a certain position in the mosaic design of the surface of the cargo carrying a rubber block, is the plastic pallet in the process of carrying goods in an important anti-skid design.

     The plastic pallet is provided with a rubber anti-slip pad on the side of the cargo which is mounted on the mounting hole of the pallet surface through the expansion mounting head at the front end thereof. Anti-skid pad structure with easy processing and installation, not easy to drop after installation, pallet anti-skid effect of good advantages. Working principle is the plastic pallet non-slip mat is mainly anti-skid principle is the surface pattern design, fixed on the plastic pallet surface, when the goods placed on the plastic pallet surface to increase the plastic pallet and the friction on the packaging to achieve anti-slip purpose.

     In summary, the goods in the plastic pallet surface when the anti-skid effect, the forklift in the handling of plastic pallets and plastic pallets in contact with the surface of the bottom of the anti-skid pad to play the role of anti-skid.

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