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The Role of Air Root Pot
Jun 24, 2019

Air root pot is a new seedling technology to control plant root growth, main advantages are fast rooting, high survival rate of seedlings, convenient transplanting, etc. It consists of three parts: base, sidewall and screws, easy to install and use. Suitable for rental and display in some important exhibitions and reception meetings, and shows a special role.


(1) The inner wall of the air root pot has a special coating. Side wall of the container is concave and convex, the top of protrusion outside has small holes, when the plant roots grow outward and downward, touching the air (small holes in sidewalls) or any part of the inner wall, the root tip stop growing, implement "air pruning" and inhibit unwanted root growth.

(2) Due to the special structure of air root pot bottom, the downwardly growing roots are air pruning at the base, insulating layer for aquatic bacteria is formed at 20mm from the container bottom to ensure the seedling health.


(3) The control root quickly seedling technology can be used to grow large tree, shorten the growth period, and have all the advantages of air pruning. Due to the dual role of air root pot shape and cultivated substrate used, roots in the air root container growth and development, By "air pruning", the short and thick lateral roots are densely packed around the container, which provides good conditions for plant quickly growth.

Air root pot has different model and specification to facilitate the seedling cultivation of different sizes. The choice of container should be according to seedlings type, size, growth time and habit. It can be used to cultivate a variety of flowers and trees, such as osmanthus, magnolia, red maple, pomegranate, stump rose and so on.

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