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The role of the root canal container
May 23, 2017


                  The role of the root canal container

(1): the effect of extraneous roots root control design of vessel wall coated with a special coating. The side wall of the container and the concave convex top, prominent external air hole is opened, when the seedling root outward and downward growth, exposed to air (small holes on the side wall of the inner wall or any part), then stop the apical growth, the implementation of the "air pruning" useless and inhibition of root growth. Then 3 or more new roots germinate at the back of the root tip, which continues to grow outward and the number of roots increases by 3 in series of 3.

(2) root control: pruning the lateral roots of the root system. The root control is to make the lateral root shape short and thick, the development quantity is big, close to the natural growth shape, will not form the winding packing. At the same time, because of the special structure of the bottom layer of the root control seedling nursery, the downward growing root is pruned by the air at the base, and the insulating layer of the water germs is formed at 20 millimeters at the bottom of the container to ensure the health of the seedlings.

(3) promoting growth: root control rapid propagation technology can be used to cultivate older seedlings, shorten the growth period, and have all the advantages of air shear. Because of the shape of root control and the dual role of cultivation, root growth in controlling root seedling container in the course of development, through the "air pruning", stubby root thick around the container, provides good conditions for the rapid growth of plants.


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