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Thermoformed PP Nursery Pots, flower pot in garden
Jan 03, 2017

     Thermoformed PP Nursery Pots, flower pot in garden

Thermoformed PP Nursery Pots

Ranging from 90mm to 230mm in diameter. Made from high quality Polypropylene material that can endure the toughest conditions and be recycled.

Light weight, durable Polypropylene offers great cost efficiency. 

Dark inner layer protects roots from light. 
Smooth gloss finish for easy label application. 


Co-extruded with a barrier layer for maxium opacity. 
Strong rims for efficient use in automated systems.
Precision punched bi-level drain holes. 
Matching carry trays to easily work with your system


Variety of color options meet every need. 
Colored outer layer maximizes retail impact.

Dozens of color. 


Customization available for unique packaging solutions.
Vivid in store displays and instand brand recognition.
Exciting offset printing process with intricate graphics, up to 6 colors complex designs



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