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Tidal Irrigation System Principle
Aug 21, 2019

Tidal irrigation system is based on the tidal fluctuations principle designed a highly efficient water-saving irrigation system. Suitable for all kinds of potted plants planted and managed. Compared with artificial watering cultivation, significant yield difference. It's has the feature of water saving, fertilizer, labor and plant growth.


Tidal irrigation mainly divided into ground and seedbed. Tidal seedbed irrigation system is to build a large water storage seedling tray on the seedbed. Water and return holes are reserved on the seedling tray.

植床式潮汐灌溉图 (1)

In application, irrigation water or nutrient solution from the outlet hole diffuse, so that seedbed water level slowly rise and reach the appropriate height (known as high tide). Seedbed drowned about 2-3 cm depth, after crop roots are fully absorbed, about 10-15 minutes, due to capillary action, the nutrient solution rises to the surface of the medium in the  pot. At this time, open the water return port, drain the nutrient solution, and return to nutrient solution pool (called the ebb tide).

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