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Truss Arch​ tomato growing industry to support fruit trusses
Dec 26, 2016

Truss Arch are used in the tomato growing industry to support fruit trusses,and ensuring better fruit quality and increased production.

Product Detail:

Truss Support Clip (Truss Arch)
Size 6mm halve moon
Product Detail:
1.Stem Dia.: 6.0(mm)
2.Style: Long shape
3.Color: Clear and White is available.
4.Material: PP
5.N.Weight: 0.69 gr.


Open constructions for more contact with open air.
Flexible long and narrow truss support for normal thickness truss stems.
For universal use.
Can be bent during attachment so the stem does not have to be forced through the support.
Bends as the truss stem grow.




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