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Turnover basket series features and advantages
May 09, 2018

Name Model: plastic box 

Outer size: 600x400x300mm

Internal size: 527x364x288mm

Category:Turnover basket series

Product features and advantages:

1. Made of high-strength materials, strong and durable, long service life;

2, non-toxic, odorless, easy to clean, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, high toughness, can be used in a variety of special occasions;

3, the company's complete specifications, mass production;

4, carrying large, packed items can regulate the stacking, the series of products can stack stacked;

5, can be recycled, in line with the concept of environmental protection;

6, the edge of the design is rounded, ensure that no edges and sharp edges, to ensure the use of safety;

7, a variety of colors to choose from, to facilitate the placement, beautify the environment

8, damaged plastic parts can be recycled, reducing the cost of use;

9, can be printed, easy to manage the classification of products;

YUBO  Solid Nest and Stack Crates (25).jpg

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