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Types of Agricultural Plastic Cover Film
Dec 23, 2019

1. Black plastic film

Plastic mulch film is widely used in strawberry production, width 0.5 ~ 0.8 m, thickness 0.008~0.01mm. Covering plastic film can significantly reduce ground temperature and low light transmittance, effectively prevent moisture evaporation in  soil and inhibit weed growth.

2. Double color plastic mulch film

Black and white double-sided plastic mulch film, milky on one side and black on the other, thickness 0.02~0.025 mm. Milky is upward, has the function of reflecting sunlight and reducing temperature, black is downward, has herbicidal effect. When high temperatures in summer, reduce temperature and herbicidal effect is better than black plastic mulch film.

plastic mulch flim

3. Silver gray mulch film

Light transmittance about 60%, it can reflect ultraviolet. Mulch film has functions of reduce temperature, moisturize, repel aphids. It can increase reflected light on ground, which is good for fruit growth.

4. Red plastic mulch film

Red plastic film can stimulate crop growth more than black plastic film. Red plastic film can transmit red light, and at the same time, it can block other colored light that is not good for crop growth, so that the crop grows vigorously, which is beneficial to fruits color change, improves coloring and sugar content.

5. Green plastic cover film

Green plastic cover film can weed and increase temperature, reduce photosynthesis of weeds under plastic cover film, to achieve the purpose of inhibiting weed growth. Increase temperature of soil is stronger than black cover film, it also has the effect of promoting above-ground growth and improving quality of crops such as strawberry.

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