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Use of grid plastic pallet:
May 25, 2018

Use of grid plastic pallet:

Grid plastic pallet refers to the structure and shape of plastic pallet in a grid shape. Mesh plastic pallets are widely used in many industries, such as medicine, food, paper making, chemical industry, beverage and packaging, and steel tubes can be built in some of them to increase the load capacity.

Pay attention to when using plastic pallet:

1, should put plastic pallet gently, to avoid uneven stress when landing, damage. 

2, when placing goods, should be placed evenly, to avoid the occurrence of lateral slanting when lifting and handling.

3. when using handling equipment, we should consider whether the difference size is suitable for this plastic tray, so as to avoid improper size and damage the plastic pallet. 

4. when stacking and using, the load capacity of the lowest pallet should be considered.

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