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Use of Vertical Hydroponic Flower Pot Tower
Dec 11, 2019

Stackable vertical hydroponic flowerpot tower location description:

       Choose a location that suits the crop you want to plant, and make sure you can comfortably accessall of the growing area. A sunny, but sheltered spot is most suitable.

flower pot tower

Use of plastic strawberry flower pot tower:

1. To separate planter sections from base, twist in a clockwise direction.

2. Feed chain through centre hole in all planter sections and secure at bottom with the retaining clip .

3. Secure planter back to base by twiisting in an anti-clockwise direction.

4. Spread your drainage material across the base of the bottom tier.

5. Fill the bottom tier with compost and position the 4 plants in the shaped sections.

6. Attach the 2nd tiered section and repeat steps 4&5.

7. Attach the 3rd tier section and repeat steps 4&5.

8. Water thoroughly.


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