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vegetable plant lift features
May 03, 2017

vegetable plant lift features

Vegetable plant lift features: can reduce the labor intensity, improve efficiency, easy to harvest, low cost, mainly used for eggplant, melons and other facilities, vegetables, stems and stems of the hanging seedlings fixed and fast efficient seedling.

(1), can be used for tomato, sweet pepper, eggplant, and other eggplant vegetables in the hanging line of the fixed, with the solution and easy to hang and not hurt the characteristics of plants. Can also be used to plant seedlings after planting the stems of the stem fixed, to prevent breaking or breaking.

(2), can also be used for melon, watermelon, pumpkin, zucchini and other melon vegetables hanging in its stem and melon after the melon body fixed, fixed and easy to liberate, so as to ensure the repeated use of the rope without damage.

Glass greenhouse holy fruit, tomato ear hook support hook, fruit hook, pull hook

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