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Warehouse Racking Heavy duty Plastic Pallets for Sale
Nov 12, 2021

Warehouse Racking Heavy duty Plastic Pallets for Sale

plastic pallet1

1. Stable for all kinds racking/auto racking storage

2. Solutions for logistics warehousing and transportation

3. Provide customized service (color, free emboss or logo)

4. Steel structure design, built-in steel, good mechanical properties

5. Four way to fork, suitable for manual/motor/electric forklift use

Warehouse racking plastic pallet have a constant unladen weight, are robust and durable, with metal reinforcing, are particularly sturdy and suitable for use in high-rack warehousing.

We have many types of plastic pallets for you to choose from. You can buy the right pallets according to your needs, high product strength, can be shelf access and special circumstances (conveyor) use.

plastic pallet2

plastic pallet4

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