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What Advantage of Plastic Pallet on Shelf?
Jul 01, 2019

The industrial application of plastic pallets is very extensive, and its proportion in the market is increasing day by day, everyone has more and more requirements for plastic pallets on the shelves.


Built-in steel tube plastic pallet is improvements by plastic pallet structure design, metal reinforcing rods for added capacity and durability. It is not easy to deform, has a longer service life, suitable for storage and carrying heavy objects.

Advantage of plastic pallet on the shelf:托盘


1. Easy to storage, manage and delivery goods.

2. Save labor costs and loading and unloading time.

3. A variety of color classification for visual management.

4. Storage the goods on a plastic pallet, can achieve the purpose of moisture proof and insect prevention.

Plastic pallet can be used for a long time without fading, no pollution to the product, and can be palletizing to save storage space.

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